Serenity Meditation

Serenity Meditation

Obtaining serenity reaps a wide variety of benefits. From physical health to mental and spiritual. So much can be gained by embracing a serenity meditation. This course starts you with the basics of meditation, followed by several guided meditations. Use them as often as you like. 

Course duration: 1 year
Category: Meditation

Course At a Glance

In addition to the learning modules and practice meditation sessions, there are also opportunities to interact with other students, and discuss your challenges and successes. While the duration is 3 hours, you have access to the class for a full year. This means you can come back and practice as often as you like. 

  • 4 video modules
  • 3 hour Duration
  • Any time ask for support
  • Engaging forum discussion
  • Badge earned: Meditation Yogi