Letting Go Into Reality

Letting Go Into Reality
The aim of Buddhist practice is to bring about freedom from suffering. We can free ourselves from some of our suffering by becoming more ethical, more mindful, and more compassionate, but "becoming a better person” isn't enough. 

In order to bring about the maximum degree of freedom from suffering we have to radically change the way we see ourselves and our relation with the world. This change comes about by developing insight. 

On the six weeks of this event you will learn to:

  • Look deeply at the nature of your experience 
  • Observe and accept the fact that everything within your experience is in a constant state of change
  • Embrace the interconnectedness of your being 
  • Examine the nature of your experience in order to see through the illusion of self 
  • Find deep stillness and peace in the midst of a turbulent and ever-changing world 
This course is suitable for people with an established meditation practice, including a familiarity with mindfulness of breathing and loving kindness meditations.
Course duration:Unlimited
Category: Meditation