Metasploit Framework for Beginners - Ethical Hacking

Metasploit Framework for Beginners - Ethical Hacking

Topics include

  • Overview
  • Basics
  • Modules
  • Using Modules for Recon (Auxiliary)
  • Use Modules for Exploits
  • MSFVenom – Payload
  • Searchsploit + Metasploit
  • Meterpreter - Listener
  • Android Exploitation with Metasploit
  • Sessions
  • Post Exploitation
  • Live Demos

1 Hour Video Content:

Course duration: 1 day

Metasploit For Beginners


Video 1: What is Metasploit?  

In this video, SaintDruG (your instructor) explains why we (hackers) use Metasploit. What problems it helps us solve and the ways we can use Metasploit in the white hat, black hat and grey hat world.

Video 2: Recon ­ Using Modules

Reconnaissance, is the most important element in effectively unleashing Metasploits power! Simply put, the more recon we conduct, the easier it will be to decide which exploit or method to use. SaintDruG explains the use of effective recon both in financial, as well as ethical terms.

Video 3: Working With Exploits

SaintDruG explains how to leverage your recon work and determine which exploit is best suited for your desired result. You will also learn how to use cross checks with auxiliaries.

Video 4: Working With Listeners/ Payloads

Learn how to program your payload with specific instructions using ​ msfvenom , ​a combination of Msfpayload ​ and ​Msfencode , putting both of these tools into a single Framework instance so that it can connect back to your Listener (i.e Ports Defined, Type: reverse_tcp or more), so you can finally get a “session”.

Video 5: Working With Meterpreter, Sessions

Now that you have reached your target destination, what do you do next? Getting access is only the beginning, prepare yourself to get familiar with the environment, but don't limit yourself! Get ready for something called “Post Exploitation”. Post Exploitation is so wide, that you could write your own sets of ruby codes, and use that special sauce to make you unstoppable.

Video 6: Working With Android, Armitage

So wait, you can do that to phones too? With Metasploit? Just using a specific payload? Learn how you can work with Android via the graphical user interface side of Metasploit: Armitage.