Creativity Unleashed Self Hypnosis

Creativity Unleashed Self Hypnosis

Presenting your hypnotherapy series for success, enlightenment and creativity. There is no danger in hypnotherapy but it is able to help you build your life. Hypnotherapy can also help you become more mentally aware and has been shown to have healing aspects. To begin the course in Unleashing Creativity Self Hypnosis, simply follow the instructions within the class.

Course duration: 1 year
Category: Self Hypnosis

Course Structure

The course designed to provide flexibility and customizations to your needs and schedule. It is recommended that you allow for a quiet location and time when you will not be interrupted for each of the sessions. You can work with the modules at your own pace. Each is approximately 30 minutes to one hour in length, however, you review through the sessions as often as you like.. 

Course At a Glance

In addition to the learning modules, there are also opportunities to interact with other students, and discuss your challenges and successes. While the duration is 4 hours, you have access to the class for a full year. This means you can come back and practice as often as you like. 

  • 4 video modules
  • 4 hour Duration
  • Any time ask for support
  • Engaging forum discussion